Leveraging technology

As we reflect on the past year's accomplishments, our unwavering focus on harnessing technology's capabilities has fuelled our journey to redefine our business terrain, generating value for our customers, stakeholders, and collaborators. Our steadfast commitment to technology-driven progress has propelled us to amplify growth, elevate customer experiences, and fortify our standing in the marketplace.

FY23 highlights

Core production market-facing platform changes
1 107
(FY22: 1 089)

Stability of core production platforms
(FY22: 99.60%)

IT General Controls Audit
(FY22: 95%)

Platforms for new business innovation
(FY22: 3)

Building on Our Digital Foundation

Our journey towards digital excellence has taken significant strides. In the prior year, we started the digital journey by re‑valuating our perspectives across Blue Label through various workshops to prepare our state of readiness to capitalise on digital business opportunities. We've continued and deepened our commitment to accelerating digital transformation by identifying and exploring several new innovative opportunities with each subsidiary. We have integrated cutting‑edge technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling us to amplify the impact of our services and solutions. Furthermore, we continued to enhance our market‑facing platform reaching an impressive 1 107 changes this year, a clear testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation.

Elevating Reliability and Stability

While pursuing digital innovation, we recognise the pivotal role of stability and reliability. Our core production platforms have exhibited exceptional performance, achieving a stability rate of 99.57%, reflecting our continued investment in fortifying our application and infrastructure uptime. We have successfully upgraded our network infrastructure to SD‑WAN, thereby reducing costs, increasing network performance and unlocking digital opportunities and flexibility to access multi‑cloud services. Additionally, we're pleased to report that our IT General Controls Audit remains strong at 95%, underscoring our unyielding commitment to stringent security measures and controls.

Navigating the Cybersecurity Landscape

The digital era demands unwavering vigilance against cybersecurity threats, and we've risen to this challenge with resolute determination. We have fortified our cybersecurity measures throughout the year, bolstering our information, application, hardware and infrastructure security controls. Our proactive approach to vulnerability assessment and risk management has been unwavering, as we remain committed to maintaining the highest standards of cyber risk prevention, assessment and education. In the current year, we will be concluding our ISO 27001:2013 certification, which will further enhance how we protect and manage our information assets.

Empowering Customer-Centric Innovation

Our dedication to our customers remains paramount. Through strategic investments and pioneering solutions, we've extended the boundaries of consumer convenience. We've expanded our offerings with prepaid electricity advances through our BluAdvance product. The More2Store application allows our merchants to place mass orders of bulk print vouchers, thereby providing ease, convenience and a reduction in carrying physical inventory. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies continue to significantly elevate merchant and consumer experiences, aligning with our commitment of placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.

A Vision for the Future

As we set our sights on the horizon, our strategic focus remains on fostering innovation, agility, and customer-centricity. Our objectives for FY24 are clear and ambitious:

Getting the basics right

  • Time-to-delivery excellence: We are dedicated to enhancing our agility and efficiency, ensuring that our solutions reach our customers faster than ever before; and
  • Reliability and uptime: We are resolute in maintaining and surpassing our high standards of stability and uptime, ensuring uninterrupted access for our customers.


  • Hybrid-cloud transformation: Our journey towards embracing the hybrid-cloud environment continues, aimed at both technological empowerment and optimising costs; and
  • Modernise our core application architecture and platform: Allowing us more flexibility and speed to go to market faster. In addition, the modern architecture design of modular, composable and "building once using many" will simplify our costs and enable our customers to find limitless ways to integrate and onboard quickly and efficiently. In FY24 we will deploy our new look ticketing and events platform, further enhancing the user experience. We will investigate re-designing and digitising Blue Label's finance ERP system to a modern platform, allowing Blue Label to further expand on data analytics, process automation and achieving higher efficiencies.

Driving Digital Transformation

The shift towards digital everything has brought opportunities and risks that forever alter how people live, work and play. This has resulted in deep structural changes to emerging markets' social, economic, competitive and operational dynamics, especially within the financial, communications and services contexts in which Blue Label operates.

The needs of our customers and employees are consequently shifting rapidly, too, pushing us to reimagine our value propositions to remain relevant and to find innovative ways to meet the evolving requirements of all our stakeholders.

Blue Label has committed to a holistic digital business transformation journey that will use digital thinking to fuel waves of business innovation that promote one or more of four key outcomes:

  • Unlocking opportunities for profitability and, wherever possible, exponential growth;
  • Realising greater efficiencies and optimisation;
  • Building our brand equity and market reputation; and
  • Increasing shareholder value and returns.

Our people - Developing our staff while enhancing our equity compliance

Our success is only possible with the collective efforts of our dedicated teams. Technology continues to be an advisor to business, aligning skills and talents with evolving needs and propelling internal IT and business digital transformation. During FY23, we invested in our Technology teams becoming Safe Agile certified. Furthermore, we recognise the dynamic nature of technology's evolution, and to keep pace with these changes, we have a subscription to an e-learning platform so that our technology teams can actively learn and develop at their pace. This approach empowers them to continually augment their knowledge and skills, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the ever-shifting technological landscape.

Our journey is one of continuous evolution, and as we move forward, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of digital excellence, with our sights set on a future that is customer-centric, technologically advanced, and brimming with opportunities.