Governance of sustainability

Blue Label Group is in the process of developing an ESG and sustainability reporting and oversight framework that will assist the Board in exercising oversight of sustainability-related impacts, risks and opportunities as well as the process for integrating sustainability issues into the strategy development, overall governance as well as reporting processes of Blue Label.

A number of initiatives were undertaken during the year including:

  • A review of sustainability reporting impacts, risks and opportunities with a view to incorporating these into Blue Label’s risk management systems;
  • A gap analysis against the JSE Sustainability Disclosure Guidance issued in June 2022 was performed and has informed some of the enhanced content of the 2023 integrated report and future planned disclosure improvements;
  • A review of the sustainability skills, experience and competencies of Board members was performed with a view to identifying development areas; and
  • Continuation and refinement of ESG metrics and targets included in our long-term incentive scheme. A proposed structure of Board Committees responsible for oversight of sustainability matters has been presented below:
        Executive Committee
  Audit, Risk
and Compliance
and Nomination
Social, Ethics and
Human Capital Risk and
Secretary Office
Climate change        
Water security        
Pollution and waste        
Biodiversity and land-use        
Supply chain and materials        
Labour standards        
Human rights and community development      
Health and safety      
Customer responsibility        
Supply chain (Social)        
Board composition      
Ethical behaviour    
Compliance and risk management        
Tax transparency        
Sustainability reporting            
Reporting standards      

Ongoing initiatives to integrate and embed sustainability in our governance, strategy, reporting, business and management processes include:

  • Enhancing the work plans and terms of reference for Board subcommittees to create focus and integration on sustainability-related issues;
  • Formalisation of sustainability-related issues in the risk management system, strategy and policy development as well as internal and external reporting;
  • Further inclusion of sustainability linked performance targets in long-term remuneration incentive schemes;
  • Continued alignment of external reporting with the JSE Sustainability Disclosure Guidance as well as global reporting frameworks; and
  • Consideration of training and specialist input on material sustainability matters.