Social impact: Customer and supply chain responsibility


Ensuring exceptional customer service is a top priority for Blue Label making quality and accuracy checks on our products an essential exercise. This includes the assurance that our equipment is functioning effectively and that airtime sold is of the correct amount as well as tickets being sold apply to the correct relevant event.

Our platform, systems and devices all work efficiently.


In a challenging economic and competitive environment, innovation is an essential ingredient for sustainability of growth.

Our deep understanding of customer needs and wants informs both our platform functionality and our product and service offerings. We seek out strategic partnerships and potential acquisitions for new product and platform capability, and we invest continually in upgraded technology in order to enable us to be ahead of the game.

We are constantly exploring new ways to improve and learn and we enhance our proprietary platforms by continually refining our processes, software and hardware, simultaneously investing in the required skills and expertise. Targeted analytical processes, machine learning and artificial intelligence assist Blue Label in utilising the data they receive in order to design better products and services to enable them to gain a better understanding of our customer needs. This allows us to craft the best product solution for a particular customer, based on refined algorithms.

Supply chain

Blue Label recognises the importance of considering human rights in the value chain:

  • Customer satisfaction complaints line
  • Social media interaction
  • Customer relationship management system

None of Blue Label's operations and no suppliers have been identified to date to have had any risk of child labour, forced or compulsory labour or other significant actual and potential negative social impacts.