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Blue Label Telecoms has been producing innovative solutions to better serve the underbanked since 2001. As a JSE listed company, we offer electronic distribution of virtual merchandise that provides exceptional value to customers and shareholders alike.

A majority of our business investment goes into understanding the people we hope to serve; thereby creating financial inclusion for those who have the greatest need for low-risk transactional services. We’re committed to putting products and services associated with developed economies within arms’ length of all South African residents. That’s our solution for bridging the digital divide, creating jobs and supporting the growth of small businesses.

Our offering includes a variety of electronic vouchers for mobile services, water, electricity and airtime. Through Cellfind, we offer messaging portals, financial services and location-based services.

We have built a range of innovative solutions for the transactional market. This includes hardware such as POS terminals, vending machines and bulk vouchers. We have created media advertising solutions that ensure a wide reach for our clients extending from voucher advertising to large format billboard advertising. Through via Media, we offer a vast array of mobile products, services and content.

Ticketpro is our solution to managing all your ticketing needs, from sales, to access control to customer relationship management. Sport, lifestyle events, concerts, travel and park and rides; you won’t find a more secure, competitively priced ticketing service.

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