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Specialist in creating solutions through our prepaid electricity and water submetering service, real time energy measurement and optimal hardware solutions that assists and guide our customers in their everyday utility management.

We offer this through a variety of tailor-made solutions across all segments, namely: large power users, commercial users, property managers, tenants or residential owners. With solutions that include prepaid submetering which puts control back in the hands of property owners and body corporates. ReWare’s prepaid solution enables tenants to buy electricity or water as they require, making utility disputes a thing of the past. Whatever electricity or water the tenant buys during the month will be deposited into the property owners or body corporates bank account. Buying tokens is easy, immediate and convenient. This enables the ability to collect arrears via prepaid purchases.

Smart metering where ReWare’s responsibility lies in ensuring that the customers are empowered with the knowledge to manage and maintain their utility requirements in the most cost-effective way. A qualified ReWare technician will install a smart meter that records the actual electricity consumption. This data assists the customer in monitoring, verifying and managing consumption through our real time online solution with customer specific access, utility bill comparison and verification as well as maintenance. ReWare also provides professional services through our automatic meter reading software applications like plug ‘n play Scada and AMRA.

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