Company overview

Blue Label is a digital distribution company, specialising in prepaid products and the electronic distribution of virtual merchandise and value-added services.

Our diverse product and service offering enables us to bring mainstream products and services to the mass market.

Listed on the JSE since 2007, we derive our strength from our extensive distribution network and building long-term partnerships.

We strive for financial inclusion for the mass market. This is achieved by combining technical innovation with entrepreneurial flair. In this manner, we bring products and services associated with the developed world directly to the doorsteps of people who may be geographically and economically isolated from the mainstream.

We create hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, support the growth of small businesses, and bridge the digital divide.

Blue Label is a digital distributor of secure fintech products and services in an open loop:

Blue label office sandton

Our proprietary platforms enable mobile networks, utilities, banks, retailers, petroleum companies and point-of-sale devices to drive consumer-centricity and speed to market, while ensuring the stability and security of our systems.

Blue Label is also a:

Our Blu Approved logo is the symbol of trust and quality that safeguards our market leadership and of our values-driven and customer-first approach.

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Owning our actions and results, committing to celebrating, correcting, and connecting to drive continuous improvements.


Working together to achieve our shared business goals for the company, customers, partners, and individuals.


Creating a culture where everyone feels that they belong, can perform well, and have fun.


Placing the customer at the centre of everything we do to create value and impact.


Looking for opportunities to learn new ways of doing things to drive growth while protecting our core business.


Driving financial inclusion, opportunities and convenience for the mass market through digital distribution and e-tech ecosystems


To be a digital business that orchestrates distribution and e-tech ecosystems


To be the leading global distributor of secure fintech products and services within emerging market

What do we mean by financial inclusion through digital distribution and e‑tech ecosystems?

A significant proportion of our population is underserved in their ability to access formal financial services. Following the significant increase in access to cellular phones and data we are able to provide consumers and informal businesses access to low‑cost digital means of e‑commerce transactions. This connects businesses with consumers to transact in a more convenient and efficient manner as well as enabling informal businesses to cost effectively leverage off digital e‑commerce trading platforms.