Environmental practices

Blue Label's commitment to sustainable economic development is not purely confined to just an add-on. This is our code. Our purpose is to drive financial inclusion, opportunities and convenience for the mass market through digital distribution and e-tech ecosystems. This purpose extends to focus on youth skills development and socio-economic and enterprise development. From inception, the aim has always been to make a difference in people's lives. Consequently, we have changed many lives by providing the tools to earn a living.

In our case, we are truly purpose-driven and recognise that delivering value ultimately depends on continuously paving the way to create an inclusive business with the small businesses within communities. We have an extensive track record of fostering economic and social development in South Africa by ensuring the availability of products and services for those with low incomes and who have been previously disadvantaged.

We are committed and aware that our social responsibility continues to generate value for all.

We have vetted all flagship beneficiaries and where possible, linked beneficiaries together to make a greater impact on the community that we serve. Due to the fact that we are focusing on existing flagship beneficiaries, no new flagship beneficiaries will be added for FY24.

The following are our current flagship beneficiaries:

Projects completed in FY23, over and above flagship donations:
Approved Blue Label subsidiary projects
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