Operational overview - Mobile segment

This segment provides mobile phone users with a complete ecosystem of services that include smartphone applications, WAP, MMS, e-mail, LBS, instant messaging, web messaging, SMS and USSD.
  Mobile segment

The Mobile segment’s capability allows for the rapid roll out of mobile-mediated sales, financial services, banking, couponing, loyalty, rewards, ticketing, transport, NFC, media advertising, gaming and location-based services. The technologies and products developed enable its customers to reach their customers, agnostic to any phone type or any mobile operator. Core net profit contribution from this segment amounted to R64 million (2015: R29 million).

The Mobile segment houses the following main operating entities:


Cellfind is one of Africa’s largest enabler of mobile messaging, value-added services and mobile financial services.

It boasts an impressive sending capacity of 1 000 SMSs per second. During the year, it sent 2.6 billion SMSs, up 8% on last year, while a new record has been set in each month of the new year, with in excess of 300 million SMSs sent per month.


Viamedia offers downloadable content for mobile phone users, across both B2C and B2B platforms. Its extensive infotainment catalogues are now downloadable across networks in seven countries in Africa and in 10 languages.