Our business

With at least 50% of the global population without access to bank accounts, our prepaid offerings are a lifestyle enabler for the majority of people in the countries we service.

Blue Label is a JSE-listed company that provides innovative technology for mobile commerce to emerging markets in South Africa and abroad.

Our users are rich, poor, urban and rural, and we allow them all to interact and transact on an equal footing. We reach them by utilising both physical and virtual distribution channels.

We target many of our services at people who do not have easy access to bank accounts, and we provide them the convenience of being able to transact where and when they want to. Our solid reputation is our licence to operate.

Our products and services include:

  • Airtime, starter packs and data;
  • Prepaid electricity and water;
  • Ticketing for events, sports and transport; and
  • Financial and value-added services.

We know that prepaid provides certainty and believe that if a product can be digitised, we can create it and distribute it.

We are innovative and entrepreneurial. We focus on managing the last mile of the m-commerce distribution network. We aim to be the best at what we do. Our business model generates healthy cash flows.

We offer suppliers and merchants a mechanism to sell multiple products and services without incurring additional costs. We use neutral aggregation and intelligent switch capabilities with our proprietary technology, to offer multiple products and services that are distributed through a single interface. This allows the convergence of all suppliers under one roof.

Our main operating areas are in South Africa, Mexico (Blue Label Mexico) and India (Oxigen). Our business model is based on strategic partnerships, underpinned by long-term contracts and we market our products directly to customers through our expanding distribution channels and our increasing number of retail outlets in small towns and township shopping centres.

Our strategy is to extend our global footprint of touch points, both organically and through acquisitions. As a single distributor, we are able to utilise our variety of delivery mechanisms to service numerous merchants or vendors, providing multiple prepaid products and services that serve the ever-increasing need for them.