Blue Label Telecoms, the virtual distribution behind the Top TV Prepaid offering

17 August 2012

Blue Label Telecoms announces the launch of the TopTV Prepaid voucher, a new lifestyle enabling product, increasing ease,affordability and convenience to South African television viewing consumers. 

BlueLabel Telecoms' subsidiary, Blue Label Distribution partnered with TopTV to distribute their first Prepaid vouchers that enables its subscribers instant access to unlimited entertainment across the channels it offers.

TopTV chief executive Eddie Mbalo said the prepaid system was "fairly unique", and used in only a few other countries.

"It is an instant payment option that will give consumers immediate access to a world of unlimited entertainment. The prepaid option is an easy, accessible and affordable subscription payment option that we believe will have a significant and positive impact on subscriber growth," he explains as we take into account that about 40% of South African adults have bank accounts and about 35% of South African adults have regular incomes.

South African consumers were already "prepaid-savvy", and the payment method would encourage subscribers to connect, or reconnect as they pleased, Mbalo said.

 "We are very proud to be part of the launch of the first TV prepaid voucher" says Werner van Reenen, CEO of Blue Label Distribution. "Thanks to our extensive distribution channel and to our technological platform, we can deliver any product and service that can be digitised, insert it  into our distribution pipeline and deliver it to hundreds of thousands of touch points around the country through our Blu Approved stores and merchants. It was therefore easy for us to make the Top TV prepaid voucher available to the market".  

TopTV Prepaid vouchers are available at selected Blu Approved outlets and major stores nationwide in 2 vouchers denominations, R109 and R279. These vouchers allow for access to two Top TV packages and are valid for 30 days of unlimited entertainment from date of activation. The R109 voucher grants access to the Variety Package and the R279 voucher grants access to the Ultimate Packages. You also have the capability to upgrade or downgrade at anytime between the two Top TV Prepaid packages. The TopTV Prepaid service enables a current or potential subscriber to activate a voucher for instant connectivity to the TopTV platform of channels. There is minimal call centre interaction which saves airtime and there is no reconnection fee. As a consumer, you can now be in full control of your wallet.

To activate the TopTV Prepaid voucher, a consumer must dial *120*TopTV(86788)#, follow the prompts to enter the TopTV Smartcard number and the prepaid voucher number and, within seconds, the TopTV decoder will be activated.

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