Blue Label Telecoms celebrates 10 years of continual growth

08 July 2011

Johannesburg, South Africa (7th July 2011) - Blue Label Telecoms Limited (Blue Label) celebrates 10 years of doing business, a period marked by continual growth and innovation.
From selling car audio equipment and airtime out of the boot of a car, Blue Label under the stewardship of the founders Mark and Brett Levy, has today become a multibillion rand listed telecoms company., Since its humble beginnings in 2001, when Blue Label was granted a national licence to distribute Telkom fixed line prepaid cards, they saw the potential in developing and "owning" an extensive distribution network through which they could distribute large volumes of secure electronic tokens of value. Today this business has turned into a R5 billion rand JSE listed enterprise, boast over 140 000 points of presence and processes hundreds of millions of transactions monthly in South Africa alone.

"We are proud of being able to celebrate our 10-year milestone. It's a great to see the vision of Blue Label becoming a reality" says joint CEO, Brett Levy. "We would've never had thought that after only 10 years of being in the business, we would establish ourselves as one of the leading distributors of secure electronic tokens of value in South Africa as well as being operational in several other countries", adds Levy.

Every day, Blue Label, through their hundred of thousand of touch points, are able to bring first-world products and services to 3rd world consumers even in extremely remote areas of the country, and in the most convenient and cost-effective way possible.

"At Blue Label, we celebrate success, but more importantly we heed the lessons of our failures", says Mark Levy, joint CEO of Blue Label Telecoms and brother to Brett, "for us, it's a constant learning process and I am proud to say that we have managed to surround ourselves with great people and partners that have enabled us to achieve what we set out to do 10 years ago", adds Levy.

Blue Label distributes cellular airtime, prepaid electricity, lotto tickets and many other products and transactional services. It can distribute any product that can be digitized and take it to market through their sophisticated and extensive distribution network, which is now being used by many sectors of business,

"Even though this year we are celebrating 10 years of our still young business, for us, it's as if we have only just begun", says Mark. "With the constant evolution of technology, which enables a more cost effective distribution and continually bridges the consumers' divide, we are excited about the endless possibilities that the future holds for us, and we are looking forward to continuously developing ecosystems and virtual services that will provide better business solutions to our customers and end users. At Blue Label, our imagination is our limitation", concludes Levy.

Blue Label Telecoms celebrated their 10th year in business in June 2011 and takes this opportunity to thank all the staff, partners and stakeholders for their contribution to their first decade of success.