Our products, services and solutions

Blue Label’s diverse product and service offering enables us to bring mainstream products and services to the mass market. Presented below are Blue Label’s various divisions and the subsidiaries that they manage. Subsidiaries are wholly owned by Blue Label, unless otherwise indicated.

SA Distribution

Blue Label Distribution (BLD)
BLD are specialists in prepaid products and the electronic distribution of virtual merchandise across South Africa, through extensive distribution channels. These encompass, but are not limited to, banks, retailers, spaza shops and other informal traders, as well as petroleum forecourts.
Blue Label Connect (BLC)
BLC distributes tailor-made hybrid top-up airtime and data contracts on behalf of all major South African cellular network operators.
Ticketpro allows our customers access to exclusive transport services, sporting events, and entertainment.
The company is engaged in the facilitation of event ticket sales to the public and operates in South Africa.
Comm Equipment Company (CEC)
CEC provides funding for the handset element of Cell C’s postpaid subscriber contracts.
Blu Nova
Blu Nova has become one of the leading practitioners of data and decision science in South Africa. We have deployed a state of the art decision engine that supplies intelligent data leads and assists in securing new business.
Blue Label One (BLO)
BLO is engaged in media advertising.
T3 SA (50% shareholding)
A mobile technology and mobile value-added services and product distribution company with an exceptional mobile product development team.


The Prepaid Company (TPC)
The leading distributor of prepaid products for all the major SA network operators, with trusted proprietary technology that guarantees purchasing efficiency and sound inventory control with an emphasis on mutually beneficial terms. The business provides wholesale and community sales, starter packs, handsets, tablets, and bulk printing vouchers.
Glocell Distribution
Glocell Distribution’s core strategy is in the distribution of starter packs through its established channels.

SA and Africa Retail

Robtronics (51% shareholding)
Robtronics specialises in handset repairs and reverse logistics supporting the repair process.
I Talk Financial Services (30.38% shareholding)
Contact Centre Management, IP telephony products, connectivity solutions, software development, system integration and consultancy.
Glocell Retail Solutions (GCRS)
GCRS is a distributor of all prepaid Network Operator products, prepaid products and value added services to retail, wholesale, banking and emerging markets through its significant and well recognised retail channels, which include national retailers, petroleums, financial institutions, independent dealers, distributors and major wholesalers.

Cell C

Cell C (45% shareholding)
Cell C Limited operates as a mobile operator in South Africa.

Blue Label Solutions

Blue Label Data Solutions (81% shareholding)
BLDS is one of the market leaders in consumer data, big data, validation, verification, cleansing of data, and lead generation.
Talk Holdings (40.5% shareholding)
Contact Centre Management, IP Telephony Products, Connectivity Solutions, Lead Warming, VAS Product Sales, System integration and consultancy.
iTalk2U (40.5% shareholding)
iTalk2U is a safe and secure web-based application that was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, where working remotely was becoming more ‘normal’. It is a decentralised sales platform that allows people to make sales and earn a commission while working remotely. The vision is to combat unemployment by educating and uplifting South Africans, by providing a work-from-home employment opportunity.
Blue Communication (57.26% shareholding)
Blue Communication offers three business verticals: Reverse Data Billing, SMS, and Voice.


Cigicell (74% shareholding)
Cigicell partners with municipalities to grow their revenue while providing prepaid electricity and water services.
Utilities World (25.1% shareholding)
The core focus of Prepaid World is the design of Prepayment Revenue Management software. The business also oversees the design, manufacture and installation of prepaid electricity meters. The systems they develop have been in use for a number of years by local municipalities, both in South Africa and internationally.
Blue Train (64.68% shareholding)
Blue Train Group provides unfunded learnerships, training, recruitment and payroll requirements for the workforce of the Blue Label Group.
One World Telecoms
VAS Product Sales, Contact Centre Sales.

Technology and Development

Transaction Junction (60% shareholding)
A business-enablement transaction platform that delivers digital payment solutions to suit the needs of businesses across diverse markets, while ensuring that the regulatory requirements are met.
ReWare is a provider of smart meters that records actual electricity consumption assisting in monitoring, verifying and managing consumption.

Blue Label Ventures

iCrypto (14.29% shareholding)
iCrypto enables organisations to eliminate cyber risks such as identity theft, access breaches, data breaches and ransom attacks, while enforcing compliance through technology leveraging biometrics and tokenised identity.
Visual Revenue Management (VRM) (75% shareholding)
A key player and strategic partner in the municipal space of South Africa. The immediate focus of VRM is Revenue Management, Spatial Data Solutions, Infrastructure – Electricity and Infrastructure – Water.
Mobii Systems (20% shareholding)
Mobii provides match game analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products.