Company overview

Blue Label is a mobile technology company specialising in prepaid products and the electronic distribution of virtual merchandise and value-added services. This includes the full and seamless reconciliation of billions of nano transactions.

Listed on the JSE since 2007, we derive our strength from our extensive distribution network and our commitment to long term partnerships. Our proprietary platforms enable mobile networks, utilities, banks, retailers, petroleum companies, and point-of-sale devices to access the advantages of a digital economy. We are constantly innovating to drive customer centricity and speed-to-market, while ensuring the stability and security of our systems.

We strive for financial inclusion for the mass market. We do this by combining technical innovation with entrepreneurial flair. In this way we bring products and services associated with the developed world directly to the doorsteps of people who may be geographically and economically isolated from the mainstream. We create jobs, support the growth of small businesses, and bridge the digital divide.

Blue Label Telecoms is a distributor of value-added, virtual products and services in an open loop:

  • scalable and transferable proprietary technology;
  • hardware that operates with different types of systems without suffering compatibility issues;
  • products and services that focus on expertise, knowledge, and technology rather than on a brand;
  • customer experiences that are the same, regardless of the channel;
  • payment facilitation that accommodates all methods of payment by the consumer and significantly reduces the cost of capital for customers;
  • rich data and in-depth analysis to refine targeting and sales processes.

Blue Label Telecoms is also a:

  • virtual mall – our products and services require no inventory management for the merchants, eliminating obsolescence;
  • provider of innovative funding for hardware sold to clients by third-party companies.

Our Blu Approved logo is the symbol of trust and quality that safeguards our market leadership and of our values-driven and customer-first approach.

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Our vision

To be the leading global distributor of secure fintech products and services within emerging markets.

Our mission

To provide products and services required by the middle and lower tiers of the world's economic pyramid.

We focus on diversifying the range of products and services we offer, while expanding our distribution footprint through organic and acquisitive growth.

Our value system



Customers are our most important assets. We exist to satisfy their expectations in a sustainable manner.



We recognise and reward the achievement of goals and targets. We celebrate creative and exceptional deliverables.



By conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity in all interactions, we build trust with our stakeholders.



We create an enjoyable work environment that motivates and incentivises employees to be more productive and creative.



Consulting and working together as a team towards a common goal ensures that we can achieve our objectives.
We do this while developing sustainable value propositions for each stakeholder group.