Financial instruments at fair value through profit and loss

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  Loans at 
fair value 
  Put option 
Opening balance    167 519    (45 360)   –    (97 947)   625    24 837 
Reclassification from financial assets at amortised cost to financial assets at fair value through profit and loss    –    –    361 160    –    –    361 160 
Additions    –    326 388    –    (62 784)   –    263 604 
Repayments    –    –    (17 974)   –    –    (17 974)
Fair value (loss)/gain recognised in profit or loss    (167 519)   (582 744)   (140 919)   2 093    1 847    (887 242)
Closing balance    –    (301 716)   202 267    (158 638)   2 472    (255 615)
Financial assets at fair value through profit and loss    –    –    202 267    –    2 472    204 739 
Financial liabilities at fair value through profit and loss    –    (301 716)   –    (158 638)   –    (460 354)
Closing balance    –    (301 716)   202 267    (158 638)   2 472    (255 615)
Unrealised (losses)/gains      (167 519)     (582 744)     (140 919)     2 093      1 847      (887 242)


With effect from 2 August 2017 The Prepaid Company purchased bond notes, issued by Cedar Cellular Investments 1 Proprietary Limited (SPV1), from Saudi Oger Limited with a capital redemption value of USD42 million and with a coupon rate of 8.625% per annum for a purchase consideration of USD18 million. The Prepaid Company was entitled to assign its rights and obligations, in whole or in part, to a nominee. Accordingly, it has assigned such rights and obligations in respect of 50% of the bond notes, resulting in an effective purchase consideration of USD9 million with a capital redemption value of USD21 million.

As part of the restructure of the debt into Cell C by third–party lenders, The Prepaid Company will be required to provide liquidity support to Magnolia Cellular Investment 2 (RF) Proprietary Limited (SPV2), which is 100% held by 3C Telecommunications Proprietary Limited, of up to USD80 million, which liquidity support will be provided over 24 months and will be in the form of subordinated funding to SPV2. Oger Telecoms contributed USD36 million of the aforesaid USD80 million thus reducing The Prepaid Company's obligation in this regard to a maximum of USD44 million. As at 31 May 2019, the Group had contributed USD24 million to SPV2 towards the latter amount.

Fair value estimate

SPV1 and SPV2 own 11.8% and 16% of the shares issued by Cell C Limited respectively. No other assets are held by these entities, and as such the Group's bond note and liquidity support arrangements will be settled only when the value of the Cell C shares is realised by SPV1 and SPV2. The substance of these arrangements are therefore derivatives exposing the Group to the share price of Cell C.

The derivatives are initially recognised by the Group at fair value and subsequently measured at fair value through profit or loss.

The derivatives are not traded in an active market and therefore the fair value is determined by the use of a valuation technique. The finance department of the Group includes a team that outsources the valuation to a qualified independent third–party valuation specialist. This team reports directly to the Financial Director (FD) and the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee (ARCC). The valuation was performed using a binomial model taking into account the value of Cell C Limited and an expected exit event date of Cell C in the second quarter of 2020. As both arrangements are USD denominated, the model accounts for the forward rate of the USD at the expected listing date.

The derivatives are level 3 instruments in the fair value hierarchy.

As at 31 May 2019, a qualified independent third-party specialist determined no value to Cell C Limited. As a result, an unrealised fair value loss totalling R750 million was recognised in the current period, of which R167 million related to SPV1 and R583 million to SPV2.


TPC acquired a 48% share in Glocell Distribution Proprietary Limited (Glocell Distribution) on 30 June 2018.

In terms of an agreement entered into between TPC and Glocell Proprietary Limited (Glocell) during the year ended 31 May 2019, Glocell pledged its 40% shareholding in Glocell Distribution to TPC in the event of Glocell defaulting on amounts owing of R343 million to TPC as at 31 May 2019. The right to enforce this pledge is currently not exercisable. This right only becomes exercisable once Glocell has settled its outstanding debt of R121 million to Investec Bank Limited.

Glocell's ability to repay TPC the amounts owing to it is dependent on the extent of dividends receivable from Glocell Distribution on a piecemeal basis. The contractual terms of the loan have no fixed repayment dates, and in the event that the loan defaults, the only recourse the Group has is to the shares of Glocell Distribution held by Glocell. As such the Group is of the view that the instrument does not meet the requirements to be measured at amortised cost, and therefore this instrument has been reclassified from trade receivables to financial instruments measured at fair value through profit or loss.

A fair value downward adjustment of R141 million of the R343 million owing to TPC was required due to unfavourable wholesale trading conditions impacting on Glocell Distribution's financial performance.

Fair value estimate

A discounted cash flow valuation of Glocell Distribution has been used to determine the value of Glocell's 40% shareholding in Glocell Distribution. This is used to determine the fair value of the loan. This valuation has been performed by the finance department of the Group using cash flow projections based on forecasts for up to five years which are based on assumptions of the business, industry and economic growth.

Based on the outcome of the value-in-use calculation, a fair value movement of R141 million was recognised against the financial asset.

The derivatives are level 3 instruments in the fair value hierarchy.

Key assumption applied to value-in-use calculation

Discount rate   20.7%  
Terminal growth rate   4.2%  
Effect on fair value due to change in key assumption     Increase/ 
in loan at 
fair value 
Change in discount rate     (12 122) 
    (1)   13 679
Change in terminal growth rate     17 368
    (2)   (13 627)

Put option liability

Put option liabilities represent contracts that impose an obligation on the Group to purchase the shares of a subsidiary for cash or another financial asset. Put option liabilities are initially raised from the transaction with non-controlling interest reserve in equity at the present value of the expected redemption amount payable. Subsequent revisions to the expected redemption amount payable as well as the unwinding of the discount related to the measurement of the present value of the put option liability, are recognised in the income statement. Where a put option liability expires unexercised or is cancelled, the carrying value of the financial liability is released to the transaction with non-controlling interest reserve in equity. The Group recognises the non-controlling interest over which a put option exists at acquisition date.

This relates to a put option that the Group has on the remaining 40% shareholding in Airvantage Proprietary Limited and Airvantage Technology Limited. This is exercisable within the next 12 months. The Group will settle this from available cash resources. The option is valued based on the audited net profit after tax for 12 months ending 28 February 2019 at a six multiple.