Financial highlights and salient features

  • Revenue of
    R21.1 billion*

  • Successful completion of the disposal of the Blue Label Mobile Group and the Handset division of 3G Mobile

  • Headline earnings of 58.16 cents per share (2019: 312.49 cents loss per share)

  • Gross profit of R2.12 billion

  • Increase in gross profit margin from 9.21% to 10.05%

  • Core headline earnings of 62.71 cents per share** (2019: 304.77 cents loss per share)

  • Interest-bearing borrowings reduced to R2.3 billion (2019: R3.2 billion)

  • Net cash generated from operating activities of R1.3 billion





On inclusion of the gross amount generated on PINless top-ups, prepaid electricity, ticketing and gaming, the effective increase equated to 7% from R56.0 billion to R59.9 billion.


On exclusion of negative contributions by the ceased operations of WiConnect and fair value downward adjustments, core headline earnings equated to 86.13 cents per share.