Financial highlights

Revenue of R9.8 billion*
Increase in gross profit margin from 14.93% to 15.67%
Increase in gross profit of 13% to R1.54 billion (2021: R1.36 billion)
Successful conclusion of the Cell C recapitalisation transaction in September 2022
Core headline earnings of 3.94 cents per share** (2021: 62.69 cents per share)
* On inclusion of the gross amount generated on "PINless top-ups", prepaid electricity, ticketing and gaming, the effective increase equated to 9% from R36.2 billion to R39.3 billion.
** Excluding the extraneous contributions of R421 million in the current period, primarily resulting from the recapitalisation transaction of Cell C, and R148 million in the prior period, core headline earnings per share increased by 13% to 51.72 cents per share compared to 45.68 cents per share in the prior period.