Increase in
revenue of
to R11.5 billion*

Increase in
gross profit of
to R1.21 billion

Increase in
gross profit
margin from
9.75% to

* On inclusion of the gross amount generated on "PINless top-ups", repaid electricity, ticketing and gaming, the effective increase equated to 12% from R27.1 billion to R30.3 billion

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The Blue Label Group generated growth in revenue, gross profit and core headline earnings per share for the half-year ended 30 November 2019. This was a resilient performance in an adverse economic environment. The Group continues to increase market share and bolster its product and services mix to defend and grow its positions in the market.

Earnings per share and headline earnings per share increased from a negative 15.11 and 17.54 cents per share to a positive 34.83 and 39.98 cents per share respectively. Core headline earnings for the half-year ended 30 November 2019 amounted to R390 million, equating to core headline earnings of 43.18 cents per share compared to core headline losses of 13.90 cents per share in the comparative period.

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