in headline earnings per share of 17% after excluding a once off income receipt in the comparative year*
in headline earnings per share of 1% after including a once off income receipt in the comparative year*
in revenue to
R19 billion
in gross profit to
R1,3 billion
in EBITDA to
R714 million
Dividend declared to
25 cents
per share

*Once off income receipt amounted to R79,4 million



The comparative year included a once off income receipt of R79,4 million. On exclusion of this income, headline earnings per share increased by 17% to 64,17 cents. This growth was achieved through an increase in gross profit margins from 6,45% to 6,70% on revenue of R19 billion, overhead escalation contained at 3% and the effect of the reduction in issued shares resulting from the repurchase of Microsoft’s 12% shareholding in December 2011.

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