Trust Blu Foundation

Trust Blu Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to reduce unemployment and inequality of opportunity in South Africa by enabling informal, micro and small enterprises to grow. We leverage Blue Label's technology, expertise and reach to help non-profit organisations and social enterprises to amplify their impact and facilitate economic inclusion.

Our goal is to create an enabling environment for informal, micro and small enterprises to thrive and to facilitate economic opportunity for youth and entrepreneurs from disadvantaged communities. We partner with non-profit organisations, social enterprises, large companies and the government to achieve our socioeconomic development objectives. 

The Blue Label group has entrepreneurial roots and has always had a deep commitment to community development and philanthropy. The launch of the Foundation, however, enables us to increase our impact, ramp up our efforts, and formalise our strategy for partnering with non-profits and social entrepreneurs to drive large-scale socioeconomic development.

Our approach

We believe that a coordinated, coherent approach is the key to maximising the outcomes from social investment. Recognising that our public and private sector partners are doing outstanding work to uplift people and communities, we aim to help them amplify their impact, to connect partners with other likeminded partners, and to provide them with the resources they need to do more.

At Blue Label, we see investing in ICT and bridging the digital divide as one of the pillars of a more inclusive digital society. Each of our programmes and initiatives draws on the group’s technology and innovation to fast-track socioeconomic transformation and drive meaningful participation of societies living in townships and informal settlements, women, youth and people with disabilities in South Africa’s economy.

Our ambition is to use our resources to transform philanthropy and socioeconomic development in South Africa. We invite other organisations to partner with us to create a more scalable, sustainable and integrated approach to transformation and social investment that maximises the positive outcomes for South Africa’s people and economy.

Our services

  • Fund Management
  • Impact Investing
  • SMME Development
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • B-BBEE Advisory

Contact details:

Tel. no:   011 523 3322
Email:     [email protected]

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