Safety & health

Our health and safety policy sets out our commitment to the physical, mental and social wellbeing of our staff. It is regularly evaluated by the group health and safety manager and is in accordance with the 1993 Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Health and safety plans, evacuation protocols, and other safety procedures are on display at strategic points throughout our offices. Health and safety officers at all subsidiary companies work closely with the group health and safety officer.

  • Monthly Health and Safety Forum meetings
  • Monthly hazard survey
  • Regular fire drills
  • Regular training with external providers (for health and safety representatives, first aiders and fire marshals)
  • Induction on health and safety requirements for all new staff, supported by regular email updates
  • Fire
  • Electrical safety
  • Warehouse layout and stacking
  • Injury at the assembly facility
  • Mmost incidents are related to people slipping on stairs and to motor vehicle accidents
  • Uses specialist counselors to assist staff with addressing debt, trauma, substance abuse, and health issues
  • Partners with counselors at Bryanston Assessment Centre for psychological counselling offers HIV/Aids, cancer, tuberculosis and diabetes support
  • Staff wellness days focus on health and wellness, insurance, and financial and retirement planning
  • Staff belonging to Discovery Health are also able to access their oncology, diabetes and HIV management forums
HIV/AIDs strategy
  • to minimise impact of HIV/Aids on affected staff
  • to promote a culture of HIV/Aids prevention
  • voluntary HIV testing
  • medication, infection control, counselling and treatment
  • awareness and communication
  • condom distribution
  • To view the latest annual report health and safety statistics, click here.