Ethics statement


Our ethical standards are contained in our ethics statement, which guides our board of directors, executive management, and all of our employees in dealings with both internal and external stakeholders. Good ethics start with responsible and effective leadership, and are based on responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency. Good ethics mean good corporate governance; they define the role of our board, the individual responsibilities of our directors, and the effectiveness of our internal audit, our risk management strategies, and our stakeholder engagement.

We expect all our stakeholders – be they customers, business partners, suppliers, or employees - to uphold these standards. In essence: In summary, these are that:

  • We are non political.
  • We will not tolerate fraud, corruption or illegal practice.
  • We will not pay or accept bribes or any other illicit payments, including facilitations
  • We do not participate in any illegal anti-competitive activity.

By setting out the detailed standards that we require in terms of ethical and legal behavior, we have the ability to prevent and detect wrongdoing and ensure appropriate redress.

We have a 24-hour ethics hotline that is outsourced to the KPMG Ethics Line, a division of KPMG. This is certified by EthicsSA as fulfilling the External Whistleblowing Hotline Service Provider Standard EO1.1.1. This standard is a best practice set of guidelines or norms for the professional and ethical conduct of external whistleblowing hotline service providers operating their own centres or facilities.

During their induction, all new staff are trained on our code of conduct and our ethical practices and on using the Ethics Hotline. All incidents to date that have been reported to this hotline have been related to concerns around human resources.