Environmental practices

As a distributor of virtual merchandise utilising its proprietary AEON platform, we do not empirically measure the impact of delivering our goods and services on the environment. However, our organisation and our members of staff are mindful of their environmental responsibilities, and we have adopted a number of environmentally-friendly initiatives in the workplace.

In an effort to promote and encourage the use of public transport, we provide our staff members with a shuttle bus which runs between the Sandton Gautrain Station and our head office in Grayston Drive.

All overhead lighting in our head office building is fitted with motion-activated sensors, ensuring that electricity is conserved when lighting is not required. In a similar manner, the water flow to all wash-hand basins is motion-controlled.

We electronically monitor fuel usage and driving styles in all company vehicles, with the aim of improving economical driving and decreasing vehicle emissions.

In our CSI programme, the 700 square metre Protea Glen Boys & Girls Club of South Africa was constructed using interlocking 217 000 plastic water bottles filled with sand inside a steel structure - without the need for bricks and mortar. This not only brought down the costs of construction, but also proved to be a most efficient and environmentally friendly building methodology, as 6.3 tons of plastic now sits inside the walls instead of on the road, or in our rivers or landfills.

Progression of Protea Glen Boys & Girls Club of South Africa


Boys and Girls' Clubs of South Africa (BGCSA) is an after-school programme that provides a physically and emotionally safe space for children who need it most. As a BLT flagship programme, BGCSA focuses on the holistic development of each and every child that walks through their doors. They provide a healthy meal to their 2 100 club members every day and enable them to participate in various programs, including homework support and tutoring classes, arts, civics, technology and sports.

This year presented many challenges. From the onset of the national lockdowns, BGCSA endeavoured to switch to a digital programme model, only to find that more than 60% of their children had no access to a mobile device or internet connection at home. To close the digital divide, BLT funded an upgrade of the Clubs' computer labs so that they can deliver their technology programs more effectively and provided high-speed internet connections across the organisation. With the Group's support, BGCSA also employed and trained more programme facilitators.

Over and above the financial contribution, BLT continues to connect participants in the BGCSA technology programs, which includes coding and web development, with career opportunities in our internal and external ecosystem through learnership and job placement opportunities. Many of the Club members lack employment opportunities and being able to create or establish this connection is the ultimate goal of our socio-economic development strategy.



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