Sterring provides data-light communities with access to essential services without leaving home. The current product range available on the Sterring platform includes airtime, data, prepaid electricity and water. Users can also pay DStv and other bills through Sterring. All of these transactions take place through WhatsApp, and any bank card can be used.

Through this channel, South Africans are able to save time and money while being afforded access to a safe, efficient and reliable means of transacting. While we provide all South Africans with the means to transact through a widely adopted platform, the livelihood changing aspect comes in giving a previously marginalised group entrance to the digital economy.



Through our virtual transactional channel, Sterring users can purchase the following products and services, and even pay service and utility bills, including:

  • Prepaid airtime and data.
  • Prepaid electricity and water.
  • DStv payments.
  • Other bill payments.

Although a majority of South Africans own smart or feature phones (ICASA estimates 91.2% smartphone penetration in South Africa), the majority of smart or feature phone users don't use data or download apps other than WhatsApp and Facebook.

  • Buy virtual products on WhatsAppin a matter of minutes.
  • Use only WhatsApp data (no other data required or hidden costs involved).
  • Access ALL deals available in the product category.

In addition, payments for Sterring work on bank cards that aren't enabled for internet purchases such as debit cards.


This is how we're keeping your details safe and protected:

All your data (everything on your phone and everything you do while using Sterring) is completely encrypted, and no one else has access to it.

The payment gateway creates the keyboard you use to type your card details. It encrypts everything you type so no one can view, access or take your details.

Your card details and pin are encrypted and transmitted independently. Your pin is only decrypted by your bank when they verify that it is you making the purchase.

No-one and nothing can see your details or your pin. This includes anyone who works at Sterring, anyone who works at your bank and any computer system or payment server.

Every time you make a purchase, your transaction is either done as an Authenticated Mobile Transactions (AMT) or a 3D Secure payment. Both these ways of paying online are standards created by MasterCard and Visa to make sure card transactions are safe, private and secure.

We use bank standard and audited authentication methods which means that your payments are always fully secure.