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What is Blue Label Media

Voucher Media

Every day, consumers are exposed to thousands of advertising and promotional messages, all competing for attention. To get noticed, brands need to break through this clutter. They need to speak to the right people when they are actually paying attention.

Blue Label Media prints and distributes around 80 million prepaid airtime vouchers throughout South Africa each month. These prepaid airtime voucher offer advertisers the ideal communication tool for engaging with nearly every cellphone user in the country – especially those users, both urban and rural, who are often overlooked because it is considered too expensive for traditional ad mediums to target them.

Voucher media ads offer the advantage of engaging with the recipient when his concentration is fixed solely on his interaction with his voucher.  The repeated nature of top-ups means valuable frequency of messaging and continual exposure

Features and Benefits

  • Used to create awareness, create calls to action, provide consumer education, run competitions, and offer coupons
  • Reach both urban and rural groups from LSM 1 to LSM 8 across the country
  • Highly targeted – by province or by network operator, reaching the right people at the right time
  • Full colour printing is available on three sides of the voucher
  • Affordable and cost-effective - costing up to a maximum of 20c/voucher
  • Message reaches its market undiluted by other advertising
  • High frequency and exposure– users top up on average between three and six times per month