Mobile Products, Services and Content

At the Blue Label Telecoms Group, we offer a vast array of mobile products, services, and content through ViaMedia

Our offering includes movies and TV series, ranging from Hollywood movies to Nollywood, Bollywood, animation, and children’s movies. We offer a full range of the most popular television series, delivered via web or mobile over any customisable front-end.
We have an extensive catalogue of top international, African and South African artists, delivered via web or mobile over any customisable front-end.
Our ring back tone platforms allowing consumers to choose any song (from top international and local artists) to play back on a caller’s phone while waiting for them to answer.
Our advertising platforms will play advertising messages to callers while waiting for their call to be answered.
This platform presents and manages promotional competitions with trivia and prizes to mobile subscribers.
We offer a unique USSD and Web gaming platform that allows the bonussing of airtime and data purchased with top-ups to that purchase, as well as additional cash and lifestyle prizes through a lucky-select USSD layer and slot machine via the web
This USSD and web platform gives consumers the opportunity to hit the jackpot and win airtime by using their airtime to ‘spin’ via USSD or a slot machine on the web.
This platform manages the awarding of airtime on credit to subscribers who have run out of airtime and urgently need additional airtime but are unable to purchase additional airtime immediately.
With this, we are able to manage the awarding and recovery of micro-loans to subscribers who need additional cash urgently.
This is a betting game in which the participants serve as the general managers of virtual professional football teams
This is a mobile subscription soccer predictor product where the user selects the winners from the soccer games to be played that week (from BPL / PSL / La Liga / UEFA).Those at the top of the leader board win airtime.
A free lock-screen mobile application for Android phones, which awards you with special prizes, points and/or vouchers when you view daily promotions and deals on your phone’s lock screen.
Our entertainment portals can be white-labelled, provided via USSD / WAP / HTML5 / IOS / Android, and enabled over MNO data or wi-fi, and offer a wide variety of entertainment and information content ranging from:
  • Movies, Television & Video on Demand
  • Music
  • Games
  • Sports
  • News
  • Weather
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Fashion and beauty
  • Celebrity
  • Lifestyle
  • Religion
  • Lotto
  • Dating
  • Amongst a myriad of other content / services
This is the ‘FedEx Cup’ of club golf, where golf games are managed and scored via one’s mobile (or web) and allows social and club golfers to compete against each other each week. The winners of the season, per club, go through to regional and national finals.