Cellfind messaging portal

We offer a complete range of high volume, multichannel messaging solutions to enterprises and operators of all sizes. Our secure, reliable and cost-effective offerings mean that you can communicate with both internal and external stakeholders to maximum advantage.

SMS Messaging

A simple text message remains one of the most efficient and effective ways to talk to your clients. It is reliable, immediate, and can be accessed on all cell phones. At Cellfind we process over 300 million SMSes per month, and we offer the easiest-to-use, most reliable and most cost-effective text messaging platforms in Africa.

As a registered WASP, we can provide you with two-way SMS messaging services, including an optional five-digit short-code at standard or premium SMS rates of up to R30 per incoming SMS. This offers a great way to advertise and to run competitions. Premium rated short-codes generate revenues that are shared between Cellfind and yourself as the host of the number.

We also offer dedicated long numbers that offer a great opportunity for branding, ensuring long lasting customer relationships and high conversion rates.

Features and benefits
  • Affordable setup and monthly fees
  • Full reporting
  • Choice of prepaid or post-paid
  • Easy-to-use messaging portal
  • Reliable delivery to all networks
  • Send and receive customer messages
  • Standard, premium and reverse-billed short codes
  • Dedicated long numbers
  • API allows for simple integration into your existing systems

USSD or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is a quick and cost-effective way to interact and transact with customers using any GSM handset. It is simple to deploy and easy to use; and for applications where you need to reach customers who don’t have smartphones, it offers a compelling alternative to .mobi sites or mobile apps

USSD is a menu-driven communications protocol that can be used to provide your customers with information services (weather forecasts and news), interactive services (surveys and competitions), and payment services (airtime top-ups, for example).

Features and benefits
  • Standard rate, premium and reversed bill options
  • API integration (HTTP/JSON, Webservices & SMPP)
  • Easy-to-use messaging portal
  • Can be used alongside SMS through the same interface
  • API allows for simple integration into your existing systems

Cellfind LiveChat brings your call centre to your mobile phone. It provides the most direct channel for customers to communicate with a company for support and sales. The system is built on a robust platform that assists with the integration of smartphones into existing call centre solutions. Where customers do not have an existing call centre, LiveChat can be implemented as an end-to-end solution that offers mobile application, messaging core, and the call centre dashboard. Cloud technology reduces the footprint within the client’s premises, so that there is no need for an expensive infrastructure investment. This delivers a quick roll out, shortening the time to market.

Online Billing Service

Our Online Billing Service allows you to charge for mobile content so that you can monetise existing mobile offerings (like ringtones, wallpapers or information) or create new income streams.

You can also use our platform to manage mobile subscriptions to your content and services.

We can debit funds from your prepaid customers’ airtime or add your charge to contract subscribers’ bills.

Features and benefits
  • Rates from R1 all the way through to R50
  • Token or two-factor authentication, allowing for strong opt-in and opt-out management
  • Immediate and long-lasting impact on your customers
  • Revenue generation
  • API allows for simple integration into your existing systems
  • Works across all major mobile networks in South Africa





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