Cellfind Location Based Services

Mobile Panic Buttons

These solutions turn a subscriber’s cell phone into a mobile panic button.  They are best known through Vodacom (Look 4 help) and MTN (2MyAid). These panic buttons will send a personalised distress SMS from your cell phone to four pre-selected emergency contacts, containing location information and a request for assistance. This means that a friend or family member can look for the user or call the emergency services for help. Visit Vodacom Look 4 help and MTN 2MyAid for more information.

Features and benefits

  • Offers a sense of security for you and your family
  • Allows you to mobilise help quickly in emergencies
  • With our white label product GuardMe, the user sets up an alert that triggers after a specified number of minutes; if the alert is not deactivated, a distress SMS is sent to his or her emergency contacts
  • If set up by a subscriber, our white label product Follow-On Tracking enables emergency contacts to track him or her for a specified period of time.
Cellfind Assist

Cellfind Assist is an emergency service mobile application designed for companies who want to enhance their value added services for consumers, or who would like to provide their staff with additional wellness benefits.

When a user accesses the assist button on the handset, Cellfind will receive the alert, locate the SIM card, and forward the location information to the relevant call centre. An agent will call the person, determine the reason for the call, and dispatch an emergency service if necessary.

Features and benefits

  • Family Finder enables subscribers to locate up to ten cellphone users with the tracked users’ consent
  • Emergency Assist provides subscribers with 24-hour access to emergency services at the push of a button. These include medical emergency services, roadside assistance, driver assistance (helps both user and vehicle get home safely), and telephonic legal assistance
  • Our white label solution allows your company to rebrand the platform with your corporate identity
  • Cellfind Assist offers a worthwhile value-add to customers to build loyalty or generate revenue
  • It gives a valuable perk to your employees and helps  them stay safe
  • It provides peace of mind by offering essential and reliable services, accessible at the touch of a button.

Emergency Response Services

IDMe is a voice-free cell phone based panic button linked to ER24’s contact centre. This means that to activate it, you press a speed dial on your phone and do not have to speak to the operator. It provides the assurance that reliable medical assistance is available at the touch of button.

Features and benefits

  • Connects you to fast medical help via your cell phone in the event of an emergency
  • Provides ER24 with vital information (e.g. allergies – details submitted upon registration) when you are not in a position to do so yourself
  • Creates an additional revenue stream
  • Saves precious minutes by dispatching the closest and most appropriate emergency resource
  • Protects you from exposure to ambulance cost claim
Family Finder

Whether you wish to check that your children have arrived at school, or track your own cellphone when it has been misplaced, we offer you South Africa’s most successful  GSM-based friend and family finder services. Our family finder options allow you to find up to ten consenting Vodacom and MTN users via your cell phone or the internet. A written description of the person’s location is sent via SMS, or a visual map is sent via MMS. Alternatively, the location can be viewed over the internet.

Features and benefits

  • Family Finder enables a subscriber to locate up to 10 people
  • Know where your loved ones are at all times
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Works on all cell phones
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Available to contract and prepaid customers

For more information, visit www.cellfind.co.za





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