Financial highlights

Revenue of R17.8 billion*
Headline earnings of 117.34 cents per share (2021: 86.16 cents per share)
Increase in gross profit of 23% to R2.93 billion (2021: R2.38 billion)
Increase in gross profit margin from 12.66% to 16.46%
Core headline earnings of 121.01 cents per share** (2021: 89.65 cents per share)
* On inclusion of the gross amount generated on “PINless top-ups”, prepaid electricity, ticketing and gaming, the effective increase in revenue equated to 10% from R66.0 billion to R72.3 billion.
** On exclusion of non-recurring income of R214 million in the current year and R47 million in the prior year, core headline earnings per share from continuing operations increased by 18% to 96.56 cents per share compared to 81.50 cents per share in the prior year.