Effective and ethical leadership

At Blue Label we believe that effective and ethical leadership is centred around integrity. It is about doing the right thing - being accountable, responsible, fair and transparent.

We recognise that ethical leadership within Blue Label improves public trust, enhances risk, compliance and ethics management, and strengthens stakeholder relations.

This is achieved through:

Blue Label's Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee is established in compliance with the Companies Act. It in turn elevates social and ethics matters to Board level. This ensures that ethics is treated as a matter of strategic importance.

The Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee maintains oversight of the ethics policies and applications within the Group and the Chairman of the Board sets the ethical tone for the Board as a whole. The main ethics items monitored and reported at the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee include:

Employees are expected to demonstrate ethical business practices at all times. All new staff members undergo an induction programme that includes training on the code of business conduct, including the function of the ethics hotline, such as what should be reported and how to report unethical behaviour via this channel.

The ethics hotline is outsourced to KPMG Ethics Line, a division of KPMG, and can be accessed on 0800 22 10 20. The ethics hotline is available to all stakeholders. Two incidents were reported during the year ended 31 May 2020. Both incidents were investigated by management, action was taken where required and feedback was given to KPMG to close out the matters. In FY20 a key focus area has been the revision and alignment of our policies, supported by the re-education of our employees. The following policies have been reviewed, implemented and trained in FY20:

In FY21 we will be implementing the remaining policies that were revised in FY20:

Key provisions of our policies include the following: