Glossary of terms

AEON     Blue Label's proprietary switch through which all transactional capability is accessed  
Act/The Act/ Companies Act     Companies Act No. 71 of 2008, as amended from time to time  
AEON EVD     Is the Aeon Electronic Voucher Distribution platform, it is a central repository in which Electronic (or Virtual) Stock is housed. It gets referenced by other internal platforms like EVMS, AMS and AEON  
APS     Africa Prepaid Services  
APSN     Africa Prepaid Services Nigeria  
ARCC     Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee  
ARPU     Average revenue per user  
B2B     Business-to-business, a commercial transaction between businesses  
B2C     Business-to-consumer, a commercial transaction between a business and a consumer  
B-BBEE     Broad-based black economic empowerment  
BLD     Blue Label Distribution Proprietary Limited  
BLM     Blue Label Mexico S.A. de C.V.  
BLT     Blue Label Telecoms Limited  
Blue Label     Blue Label Telecoms Limited  
Blue Label Telecoms     Blue Label Telecoms Limited  
BoBo     Bill on Behalf of  
BOD     Board of directors  
BPO     Business Process Outsourcing  
Bulk printing     Ability to print bulk vouchers  
CDMA     Code division multiple access network  
CEO     Chief Executive Officer  
CIO     Chief Information Officer  
Company     Blue Label Telecoms Limited  
Content aggregator     An organisation which gathers web content and applications from different online sources for re-use and resale  
COO     Chief Operations Officer  
CPA     Consumer Protection Act  
CRC     Customer relation consultant  
CRM     Customer relationship management  
CSI     Corporate social investment  
CSP     Customer Service Points  
CSR     Corporate social responsibility  
Developing economies     A term generally used to describe a nation with a low level of material wellbeing (not to be confused with third world countries). Since no single definition of the term developed country is recognised internationally, the levels of development may vary widely within so-called developing countries, with some developing countries having high average standards of living  
Disintermediation     Reduction in the use of intermediaries between network operators and consumers  
Distribution channels     For Blue Label, our distribution channels include retail and wholesale outlets, petroleum forecourts, informal retail outlets, individual merchants/entrepreneurs, corporates and independents (Mom and Pop Stores)  
DTI     Department of Trade and Industry  
EBITDA     Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation  
EEC     Employment Equity Committee, which reports into the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee  
EFT     Electronic funds transfer  
EMV compliant     The global standard for inter-operability of chip cards, POS terminals and automatic teller machines  
Emerging economies     Nations with social or business activity in the process of rapid growth and industrialisation  
e-tokens     Electronic tokens – a form of electronic cash used for secure transactions  
Exco     Executive Committee  
FAQ     Frequently asked questions  
FD     Financial Director  
FMCG     Fast-moving consumer goods  
FQUN     Fully qualified user name  
GPS     Global positioning system  
GRC     Governance, risk and compliance  
GRI     Global Reporting Initiative. Established in 1997, with the mission of designing globally applicable guidelines for the preparation of enterprise-level, sustainable development reports  
Group     Blue Label Telecoms Limited and its subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures  
IC     Investment Committee  
ICT     Information, Communications and Technology  
IDMe     A life-saver product available internationally as a 24-hour panic button via your cell phone  
Intelligent transport     Toll roads, bus and train prepaid ticketing  
Interconnect fees     Charges associated with calls terminated between two different operators (networks)  
IP     Intellectual property  
IRCC     Internal Risk and Compliance Committee  
ISO     Independent sales organisation  
IT     Information technology  
JAVA     Java is a programming language and computing platform  
JSE     JSE Limited  
JV     Joint venture  
King III     The King Report on Governance for South Africa 2009 including the King Code of Governance Principles for South Africa 2009  
Kiosk     An area, usually within a retail outlet, which is dedicated to transactions for Blue Label products and services  
KPA     Key performance area  
KPI     Key performance indicator  
KPMG     KPMG Services Proprietary Limited  
LBS     Location-based services  
Listings Requirements     Listings Requirements of the JSE Limited, as amended from time to time  
M&A     Mergers and acquisitions  
mms     Multimedia messaging service  
MOI     Memorandum of Incorporation  
Money remittances     The ability to transfer money to another individual without a bank account  
NaaS     Network as a Service  
NERA     National Empowerment Rating Agency  
NFC     Near Field Communications  
NPCI     National Payments Corporation of India, the national transactions switch  
OHSA     The Occupational Health and Safety Act no 85 of 1993  
OTA     Over the air  
Oxigen/Oxigen India     Oxigen Services India  
PaaS     Platform as a Service  
pCommerce     Prepaid Commerce  
Physical prepaid airtime     Prepaid vouchers that are available as physical items  
PIN     Personal identity number  
PINless top-up     E-token recharge directly to mobile phone via a POS device  
POP     Points of presence  
POPI     Protection of Personal Information Bill  
POS     Point of sale, usually a place or a device  
PowerPin Voucher     Off-line prepaid electricity top-up, consolidates the purchase of prepaid electricity across national municipalities  
PwC     PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.  
Q&A     Questions and answers  
R&D     Research and development  
RNC     Remuneration and Nomination Committee  
RUIM (or R-UIM)     Re-usable Identification Module; removable ID chip for cellular phones extends the GSM SIM card to CDMA phones and networks  
SaaS     Software as a Service  
SAPO     South African Post Office  
SBI     State Bank of India, the second largest commercial bank in India  
SED     Socio-economic development  
Shop-in-shop     An area within a retail outlet which is allocated to transactions for Blue Label products and services  
SIM card     Subscriber Identification Module card  
SMS     Short message service  
Spaza Shop     An informal convenience outlet  
SRI Index     Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index  
SSETA     Services Sector Education and Training Authorities  
Telco     Telecommunications  
Ticketing     Bus, train and airline ticketing, as well as for events and entertainment  
Total number of employees     Total number of employees includes all permanent and temporary employees and excludes terminated employees, Non-Executive Directors and employees at international associates and joint ventures  
Touch points     Devices through which consumers are able to purchase Blue Label products and services  
TPC     The Prepaid Company Proprietary Limited  
TPPC     The Post Paid Company Proprietary Limited  
Transactional services     Includes money transfers, payments of bills and the like  
Unbanked     People without bank accounts  
Under-banked     People with poor access to mainstream financial services, such as banks and therefore rely on alternative financial services or alternatively people with bank accounts who do not make effective use of the broader services offered by the bank – they merely deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts  
UniPIN     Universal PIN for prepaid electricity  
USSD     Unstructured supplementary service data  
Value added     Measure of wealth the Group has created in its operation by “adding value” to the cost of product and services  
VAS     Value added services  
Virtual distributor     Distribution of e-tokens of value in electronic format  
Virtual prepaid airtime     Airtime top-up in an electronic format  
WAP     Wireless Application Protocol  
WASP     Wireless Application Service Provider  
WASPA     Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association  
ZOK     ZOK Cellular Proprietary Limited  
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