Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee report

Dear stakeholders

I am pleased to report on the activities of the Committee for the financial year ended 31 May 2013.

The Committee was formed in February 2012 in accordance with section 72(4) of the Act, following a Board decision to reconstitute the Transformation Committee into the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee.

The Committee met twice during the year under review and its activities focused on formalising its structure and mandate. This included taking advice from PwC. The
Committee operates under a Board approved terms of reference, which includes meeting twice per financial year.

At its meeting held in April 2013, the Committee considered matters including:

transformation initiatives in the workplace;
the impact of the revised DTI codes of good practice on the Group;
current and new training and development programmes;
consideration of the feedback provided by the chairman of the Group’s Employment Equity Committee;
CSI projects and measurement
current sponsorships; and
health and safety performance across the Group

I look forward to reporting on our progress next year.

SJ Vilakazi

18 October 2013

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