Key facts

Founded: 2001. Listed on JSE 2007 as BLU and ADR launched in 2013

2013 revenue: R19 billion

Employees: 1 112

Headquarters: Johannesburg – offices throughout South Africa

Operations: South Africa, India, Mexico, United Kingdom

Points of presence: In excess of 150 000 in South Africa

Transactions: ±400 million separate monthly transactions

Business model

The high volume distribution and sale of e-tokens of value and complementary services leveraging off a favourable working capital cycle.

Target markets

Focused on serving the total domestic market, in particular unbanked or badly banked consumers, both locally and internationally.

Revenue share (July 2013)

Revenue share (July 2013)

Blue Label is a virtual railroad delivering prepaid goods and services

The theme of this year’s integrated annual report is around emphasising the important role that distribution plays in the economy and how we leverage the last mile of the distribution channel. Whoever manages the last mile of the channel, actually owns the whole distribution channel. Since the point of sale terminal is always located in the last mile, the person managing it decides what products and services may be sold from it.

Our business is about the distribution of secure electronic tokens of value and services, and can be compared to a virtual railroad.

If a product can be digitised, it can be distributed by us. We commenced building our virtual railroad with the proprietary AEON platform, as the enabler for transactions, which in this analogy are the tracks and locomotive. Each additional product is another carriage on the train. Incremental costs are minimal, because the heavy lifting to establish the distribution network is already in place, resulting in profit margins filtering straight to the bottom line.



Revenue streams from three income pillars

Revenue streams from three income pillars
Blue Label is a virtual railroad delivering prepaid goods and services

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