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Blue Label Telecoms announces Microsofts representative to its Board

26 May 2008

The Board of Blue Label Telecoms Limited (Blue Label Telecoms) is pleased to announce that Mr. Peter Mansour has been appointed as a non-executive director of Blue Label Telecoms with effect from 22 May 2008.

Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) acquired a 12% equity stake in Blue Label Telecoms in November 2007 and signed a strategic collaboration agreement to jointly pursue preferred partnership initiatives with Blue Label Telecoms within developing economies. Microsoft has subsequently nominated Mr. Peter Mansour, a General Manager within Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential Group Inc., as its representative on the Board of Blue Label Telecoms.

Mark Levy and Brett Levy, joint CEOs of Blue Label Telecoms commented: “Peter was the lead representative of the Microsoft team that negotiated and acquired Microsoft’s stake in Blue Label Telecoms. We have had extensive and valued dealings with Peter since Microsoft’s investment and he is one of the key links between Blue Label Telecoms and Microsoft in Redmond.”

The Levy’s concluded: “We believe that his experience, coupled with his insight and understanding of both Blue Label Telecoms and Microsoft, strategically and operationally, will make Peter an invaluable member of the Board. We are delighted to formally welcome Peter to the Board and look forward to further developing our preferred partnership initiatives with Microsoft across the world’s developing economies.”

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