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At Blue Label Telecoms, we’re impressed by character, dedication and perseverance as much as we are impressed with qualifications and experience. #TeamBlu players have the tenacity, courage and passion for achieving results without trampling fellow team members to get where they’re going. Our industry faces rapid change, all the time. If you’re resilient and adaptable, you’ll thrive on the fast-paced world we operate in.

We encourage you to have fun and find your purpose while always keeping an eye on the prize. “The prize?”, you might ask - will always be our strive for customer-centricity. If you are an innovator, an optimist, an agent of change, then we want you on our side! We want agile, collaborative thinkers who can evaluate, investigate, and communicate their way through any snags and problems - people who understand that businesses are built on the entrepreneurial spirit of each and every one of us.

We are looking for individuals to build relationships and who are not only in it for the ‘now’. Our team spirit is built on integrity, honesty and respect. We firmly believe that skills and knowledge can be acquired, but it is fundamentally your aspiration to succeed that will forge the pathway to greatness.

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Loadings Supervisor

Financial Manager

Location / Operation:
Blue Label Distribution - Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa
Thursday, 6 August 2020


  • Matric
  • Diploma and Degree in Finance


  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office with emphasis on Excel, and Outlook
  • Extensive knowledge of the global AMS and AEON systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of Navision

The incumbent is responsible for the management of accounts receivable to ensure cash is allocated to the correct client account and to provide uninterrupted service to clients.

Core Functions

  • Daily Management of the Accounts Receivables Department (resolving leave requests/staff issues and clashes/disciplinary action and warnings/staff loans
  • Controlling/Ensuring/Monitoring on daily customer deposits SLA’s between clients, finance and call centre on all bank accounts are met. (Airtime & Electricity)
  • Daily Management of all escalation queries from regional managers /branches and call centre on loadings/ billings /debit orders/ deposits /reversals – investigate and ensure resolutions are found (via mail or phone)
  • Daily reviewing and signing off of Debit Orders as well as ensuring we have enough credit facility available to submit the debit orders.
  • Ensure training is attended; staff are trained on a regular basis once system development has taken place. (Weekly –Monthly)
  • Manage loading and processing of inter account transfers for Nedbank and Standard Bank upon Managers requests.
  • Weekly departmental meetings chaired and agenda’s drawn up and action plans put in place.
  • Attend Management meetings when required to resolve queries ( Weekly – Monthly)
  • Weekly reviewing of cashbooks and signing off.
  • Month end reviewing of reconciliations to prepare and submit pack for Finance Manager to sign off.
  • Reviewing and signing of Ledger accounts to ensure suspense accounts are managed and only valid entries are posted
  • Preparing the unallocated receipt Ledger for review and ensuring follow ups with the banks on the unallocated receipts.
  • Responsible for implementation of new processes to be put in place and the follow up thereof to ensure productivity within the unit. Dealing with the various different banks on problems experienced and resolutions needed. ( eg, Absa internal settlement to ensure bill payments became real time – follow ups on change request within RD
  • Daily issues are resolved within the department and escalated operationally as well as financially
  • Monitoring CRM systems on a daily basis. Queries / loadings / Resolutions

Ad-hoc Functions

  • Running Debit Orders
  • Loadings of customers deposit via automated systems
  • Cash books
  • Filing
  • Assisting helpdesk with training
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office with emphasis on Excel, and Outlook
  • Extensive knowledge of the global AMS and AEON systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of Navision

Minimum qualifications
  • Matric
  • Diploma and Degree in Finance

Competencies / Behaviour
  • Ensures accountability
  • Communicates effectively
  • Financial acumen
  • Manages complexity
  • Business Insight
  • Plans and aligns
  • Tech-savvy
  • Organizational savvy
  • Collaborates
  • Directs work
  • Customer focus
  • Optimizes work processes

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  • Absa Bank
  • GIB (provident fund)
  • Hotels and Wine discounts
  • Grayston Pharmacy Deliveries

Your family matters to you, so they are important to us too, many of our benefit programs are aimed at supporting you and your loved ones through life's various stages.

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Our employees' physical, mental, emotional & financial health is one of our priorities. We promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle by bringing various healthy initiatives to the workplace.


We offer exciting and challenging work which encourages innovation and out of the box thinking.


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  • Communication from Leadership, desk drop

We are a fun and family orientated environment that values high performance through, transparency, collaboration and customer centricity.

We create a fun filled environment where people feel passionate, safe, valued and cared for. We treat each other with respect and operate with authenticity and integrity!

Our employees have the opportunity to engage with communities the company supports through identified events and initiatives.

We offer competitive compensation that rewards high performance.