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Job Information
Job title
Data Science Engineer X2
Location / Operation
BluNova - Gauteng South Africa
Blue Label Distribution
Job reports to
BluNova Team Lead
Job Purpose

Description of the Position

We’re looking for a self-starting individual with 3 or more years of experience in Software Development, Data Science, Data Engineering or a related field to support data collection, data fusion, data curation, feature development and systems development focussed on enabling our Data Science ecosystem. Importantly, this is NOT a stagnant data maintenance position and requires a strong capability, and insight that allow on to both develop and maintain processes for data collection and collation of data that are of multiple varieties, from multiple and diverse environments, and are all at high volume. It requires strong knowledge of data processing techniques in both SQL and noSQL ecosystems, preferably with experience in cloud-based deployments, for developing, future-proofing and managing data pipelines. Furthermore, the critical processes of preparing data for further applications is central to this role, and will include appropriate structuring and segmentation of data, feature set development and applications within the Data Science arena, including application of machine learning techniques.

Education in the STEM disciplines with at least an Honours or equivalent level of training is preferred however illustration of appropriate experience and capability in the space is accepted. Depth of knowledge in setting up and managing cloud-based deployments and/or cloud-based data management is highly valued.

The incumbent is expected to take a leadership role in mentoring young, agile and highly capable junior team members, particularly toward technical capabilities, and in supporting delivery by the team and uptake of outputs by business. We are a team of dynamic and resourceful thinkers who aim to deliver solutions that drive modern business, even if information to do so is limited. You need to have a flexible outlook, a passion for continuously learning new skills and capabilities and a drive to both stay abreast of current developments in the field, and to effectively and efficiently resolve challenging problems.

As a member of BluNova, the Big Data team at BLT, you’ll actively support growth of one of the most diverse and entrepreneurial listed companies in South Africa. Furthermore, you’ll be at the leading edge of delivering what we feel is the most exciting data and analytics project in the country, with both a team and a business that have very lofty goals in the next 12 months. You’ll do this by supporting the team in developing capabilities that deliver applications, insight and models from one of the largest, most diverse and most up-to-date data stores in the Southern Hemisphere. It is certainly unmatched anywhere in South Africa given the variety and reach of our data sets.

Importantly, our team are expected to develop practical, usable and disruptive solutions to take the BLT businesses to the next level. We follow a design thinking approach to develop tangible solutions which we aim to test quickly, find what works or what needs to be tweaked fast, and apply it in market to deliver real value. You will be central to the formulation and realization of our Big Data Strategy, delivering applications for our clients, developing capability of the BluNova team. Insight and participation into our technical and data environments is required, as well as hands-on experience with some of the important components. You will curate, utilize, maintain, build feature sets from our data sets, as well as to upgrade the data itself to build capability. Understanding of the businesses environment, as well as components of our data science ecosystem will be required to drive execution of the BluNova roadmap. We aim to get our team skilled and active across the entire environment as we find this lets one become a better data scientist by understanding more aspects of the data, platforms, techniques, business requirements and analytical tools in the environment. You will also provide expertise on mathematical concepts, data visualisation and communication for the broader applied analytics team and inspire the adoption of advanced analytics across BLT.

Why join the BluNova Team at BLT?

  • Access to cutting edge resources, budget and direct C-suite level backing to the importance of big data and data science that allow you to do your job well across the organisation
  • Freedom to use open-source technologies or introduce new tools and methods if fit for purpose
  • An environment that encourages independent thought – you drive how you solve problems at hand and work in a flat network team structure
  • Opportunity to influence the strategic direction of the team and the technology we use
  • A company that supports your growth through formal and informal education you may want to do
  • A growing team with extensive applications and through the BLT group
  • The ability to directly impact current business and to influence future business of this rapidly growing group and a data science division that has very high aspirations for the near future
  • Access to one of the most diverse and extensive data sets and advanced platforms in the world with extensive applications already scoped and underway
  • Opportunity for career growth in a growing team and company
  • Flat and collaborative team structure who are focussed on delivery and tangible results for business

Core Functions:

  • Understand the breadth of our data sets and engage in interactive data exploration
  • Support sourcing of new data, develop data flows into the platform and enable sanitation of data
  • Understand and develop features and support feature engineering for further application in analytics and modelling
  • Version management of data sets through the environment
  • Leadership toward understanding and application of data management techniques and appropriate data structures through the team and broader business
  • Mentorship of junior BluNova team members in the arena of data engineering
  • Monitoring, maintenance and improvement of a cloud-based environment to allow running of cost effective and efficient applications
  • Development and integration of systems
  • Data and output quality assurance
  • Security consciousness in all aspects of working with data
  • Collaboration and engagement with business and rest of the data intelligence team to understand data sources, business models and value drivers to deliver appropriate and innovative data driven applications
  • Communicate process, progress, results and limitations to business and evangelise data driven decision making through the BLT group
  • Avail yourself to support the needs of the team to enable delivery
  • Document the planning, implementation and operations of the environment
Requirements of the Job
  • Feature development
  • Data processing techniques
  • Data structuring
  • Familiarity with software engineering practices
  • Communication of data
  • Cloud based deployments (setup, monitoring, data architecture and management, analytics platforms)
  • SQL
  • Automated data pipelines


Competencies / Behaviour

Bonus Technical Skills in order of importance

  • Apache Spark
  • Non-relational Databases
  • AWS
  • H2O ML
  • Telecoms domain knowledge
  • Sklearn
  • Version Control
  • Worked with Jupyter or Zeppelin notebook
  • Visualisation Tools
Behavioural attributes

Mandatory Competencies

  • Python and/or R
  • Comfortable in a *nix & terminal environment
  • Strong data engineering toolbox to draw on
  • Resourceful, engaged and comfortable being data led in daily applications
  • Independence and a self-starter attitude

General Competencies

  • Self-starter
  • Continuous learner
  • Organised
  • Accountability
  • Achievement driven
  • Analysis
  • Attention to detail
  • Effective Teamwork and communication skills
  • Business approach
  • Business knowledge
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Identify and capitalise on opportunities
  • Information seeking
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Judgment
  • Learning ability
  • Managing complexity
  • Resilience – stress tolerance
  • Resourceful
  • Responsibility
  • Self-management
  • Sensitivity
  • Time management
  • Work under pressure and meet deadlines

Personal Skills

  • Self-starter, self-motivated, engaged and resourceful
  • Good organization, planning and execution
  • Prioritize workload and meet deadlines for a variety of "deliverables" and able to handle multiple tasks at one time
  • Keen project management skills with an ability to interact with and motivate others to succeed on several fronts simultaneously
  • Excellent written and verbal communications
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Detailed orientated
  • High level Technical understanding
  • Good command of the English Language
  • Problem solving skills
  • Professional
  • Work well as a member of a team
  • Service orientated
  • Strong analytical, technical and mathematical skills






Closing date for applications
Saturday, 25 May 2019

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