Transaction Junction

We are the foremost bank-independent Payment Services Provider (PSP) in Southern Africa and process volumes in excess of 1.2 billion transactions per annum.

We play a vital role in the payment ecosystem, consistently delivering quality solutions to our customers. We service multiple industries including major retailers, financial institutions and companies looking to extend their payment services requirements securely and on time.

Our aim is to remove the complexities of doing business while providing real value. We have an impeccable track record and are able to deliver innovative solutions that are tailor-made to suit diverse business needs, while at the same time ensuring that the regulatory requirements are taken care of.

Our omni-present solutions provide our customers with multiple and extendible integration points across their areas of business, ensuring that a consistent view and customer experience is ensured.

Integrated Retail Payments

Providing merchants with peace of mind through our unique payment offering, we offer a cost-effective yet industry-differentiating solution that ensures payments are delivered at the POS, securely and on-time.

As a managed service offering, we take care of the complexities associated with operating a payment system while at the same time ensuring our customers have direct and intelligible access to their transaction data.

Through offering integrations that ensure an unmatched bouquet of services at the POS we are your payments integrator of choice.  We are completely device and bank agnostic, providing our customers with the flexibility to choose their service providers and industry partners.

Making use of our integrated payment solutions will include access to our industry-defining online payment component Junction@POS that will manage all your in-store requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • NFC including contactless payments
  • End-to-end reconciliation
  • Transaction Process Manager
  • Software Downloads
  • Remote Key Management
  • Connectivity Manager
  • Pluggable extensions (including entry and exit points for virtual content and third-party services such as mobile payments
Payment Acceptance

From integrated payments to stand-alone devices, online, mobile, or any other payment delivery channel; Transaction Junction provides a host of payment acceptance technologies to cater to your business needs.

Payment Services include:

  • Online payments
  • Batch payments
  • Recurring transactions
  • Financial and content delivery transactions
  • Virtual vouchers and more.

Payments are offered across the National Payments System as well as via third-party networks. Trading days are carefully augmented with intelligent post-transaction business analytics and a variety of reports and information feeds that cater to your specific business requirements.

End-to-end reconciliation, and our enhanced multi-party settlement engine, allow our customers to have comprehensive insight of their businesses on a daily basis.

Content Services

Transaction Junction provides services that encompass every level of touchpoint in the payments chain.
Our world-leading payment platform is provided to our customers as a segmented, multi-institutional service layer upon which they are able to transact, thereby allowing their environments to easily expand knowing that their payment needs are taken care of.

Simply put, we are a key business-enablement platform.

Security – ensuring peace of mind

Our systems are architected and designed in such a manner so as to ensure that our customers and partners can transact on our platforms knowing that their personal details are secure and that the integrity of the transaction is ensured and their data is never compromised.

We provide a PCI certified Level 1 processing environment to meet all transaction processing needs. The environment is further ensured by emphasising that all third party integrations and systems are subject to a number of verifiable security checks prior to acceptance into our environment.

All of our solutions are P2PE-ready and our systems are assessed annually based upon the ever evolving PCI Council requirements.

Our services include the delivery of turnkey and customised solutions via highly effective project- and process-management, as well as the management of multiple service provider legs on behalf of our clients.

A full service management approach allows our partners and customers to focus on their businesses while we take care of all things payment-related.

In addition, we provide connectivity to a host of content solutions and service providers that can be used to enrich the checkout experience.

Contact us for more details on what content we can make available to you and how we can assist you in order to activate these services via our payment integration layer.

If you need to transact, you are at the right place.





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