The current size of the ticketing market in South Africa is estimated to be
R5 billion, of which R2.9 billion is generated from transport and travel ticketing, R1.2 billion from sports ticketing, and R1 billion from event ticketing.

Ticketpro is South Africa’s second largest ticketing company. Our ticketing platform is one of the most innovative platforms in South Africa and offers a single, turnkey ticketing solution to promoters, event organisers, stadiums, transport companies and travel agencies.

We offer:

  • flexible payment options
  • CRM functionality with extensive and customisable reporting
  • complimentary ticket management
  • tailor-made accreditation systems
  • state of the art access control
  • NFC and season-ticket functionality.

Ticketpro currently has access to sports, event, exhibition, transport and travel ticketing, and our product list is continually expanding.

We differentiate ourselves through administering all ticket types which include 1D, 2D, NFC, secure print, home print and till-slip ticketing.

In the 2016 financial year, Ticketpro sold over 2 million event tickets for 63 venues. This is almost double the number of tickets of the year before that, and amounts to a revenue increase of 34%.

Ticketpro distribution channels include nearly 650 retail stores, encompassing Edgars, Edgars Active, Edgars Connect, Jet, Jet Mart, CNA, Samsung and Choppies branches nationwide. We also offer direct ticket sales and ticket collections at any of the over 200 PostNet branches nationwide.

Tickets can also be purchased via the easy to navigate, safe and secure Ticketpro website (www.ticketpro.co.za).

Queries can be directed to either 0861 008 277, Monday to Sunday 7am to 7pm, or info@ticketpro.co.za (ticket queries) or sales@ticketpro.co.za (event queries).