The Prepaid Company

At the Prepaid Company, we know that the growing demand for data, airtime and mobile commerce has created a world in which prepaid is by far the most favourable payment method.

We are the leading distributor of prepaid products for all the major SA network operators, and we have trusted proprietary technology that guarantees purchasing efficiency and sound inventory control.

We supply retail chains, informal retail/spaza shops, and colleges/universities. Our “business-in-a-box” model encourages the individual entrepreneur within any community to start his or her own business selling our products and services, and we are proud of the way that this encourages economic development, especially in rural and disadvantaged communities. We use a combination of online distribution, and physical distribution via trucks and support staff. Our support teams visit rural areas and build relationships with merchants. They provide back up, advice and training. This business model has proved to be sustainable in both the formal and informal sectors.

We distribute to a network of approximately 150 000 points of presence.  We connect up to 700 000 new sim-cards each month and distribute approximately 80 million bulk print vouchers per month.

At the Prepaid Company, we are responsible for supplier agreements and procurement for the Blue Label Telecoms Group, where the emphasis is on long term agreements on mutually beneficial terms. We are also responsible for wholesale and community sales, starter packs, handsets, tablets, and bulk printing vouchers.

We offer starter packs, physical airtime vouchers, virtual vouchers, bulk print solutions, prepaid electricity and international calling cards.