Blue Label Media

Quick facts

South Africa has around 34 million prepaid airtime users; this is almost 80% of the total mobile users in the country

Prepaid mobile consumers recharge on average 6-8 times a month

Blue Label Media distributes around 80 million prepaid airtime vouchers each month to mobile phone users in every corner of South Africa.

About Blue Label Media

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the JSE listed Blue Label Telecoms Group, which is the leading distributor of prepaid airtime vouchers and mobile transactional services, and is endorsed by all of South Africa’s major cellular networks providers (Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and Cell C).

We believe that although consumers are becoming increasingly discerning in their uptake of advertising, there are growing opportunities to use digital and mobile media for significant brand engagement. 

We are a young, dynamic and entrepreneurial team that are passionate about securing consumer attention through meaningful advertising exposure.

How voucher advertising works

Each month, the Blue Label Media distributes around 80 million prepaid airtime vouchers throughout South Africa. With the growth and development of peri-urban hubs around the country, the prepaid airtime voucher forms the ideal communication tool that allows advertisers to have meaningful conversations that touch close to every cellphone user in the country – especially those users who are often overlooked because it is considered too expensive for traditional ad mediums to target them.

It is impossible to top up your airtime with an airtime voucher while multi-tasking – this means that the advertising messages on airtime vouchers reach the recipient when his concentration is fixed solely on his interaction with his voucher. No other media can promise the same uncluttered environment and guaranteed eyeball for your message.

Further, there are no barriers to communication. Consumers tend to have their mobile devices close at hand when retrieving their PIN numbers. If the message contains a call to action, it is likely to be followed up. We are able to generate up to 2000 leads a day through airtime vouchers alone.

Airtime voucher advertisements

Voucher advertisements target those markets, both rural and urban, that have traditionally been under-exposed to advertising.  The repeated nature of top-ups means valuable frequency of messaging and continual exposure.

As soon as consumers open their voucher to retrieve the PIN, they are exposed to advertisements that are:

  • Full colour
  • Available on three sides of the voucher
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other mediums
  • Affordable: costing up to a maximum of 20c/voucher
Other services

We specialise in partnering with our clients in their efforts to build brands. We offer the development of short-codes for SMS-and-win, and the provision of USSD platforms, among others. We ensure that all ads are compliant with the Wireless Application Services Providers’ Association of South Africa.

We offer advertisements on the back of till rolls through our partnerships with various retailers.

We are also able to provide clients with detailed information of which types of vouchers are most commonly used by the respective LSM groups.

In addition, when we run a mobile campaign we run analytics on it as additional value for our advertisers. Once we have a mobile number we are able to start building a database of who consumers are and profile who the campaign is speaking to.

Clients and services

Examples of our clients include financial services, marketing cash loans and funeral cover options; tertiary education institutions, with registration drives; cellphone manufacturers, specifically new device launches, and  Eskom, with messages to stop electricity theft and prevent electricity waste.

Billboard advertising

Blue Label Media offers a 48m2 LED board prominently positioned in Sandton on their head office building. We own a number of the largest billboards in Soweto and we partner with communities to provide top quality wall murals that bring revenue direct to the communities they serve. Click here.

What is Blue Label Media

    Contact details:

  • +27 11 523 3554
  • 75 Grayston Drive (Corner of Grayston Drive & Benmore Drive), Morningside Extension 05, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • P.O. Box 652261, Benmore, 201