Blue Label Media

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At Blue Label Media, we are proud innovators in the digital and print media industry. Our grasp of the mass media market in South Africa guides the way we develop our offerings, providing reach to traditionally inaccessible markets. With a product mix that encompasses a variety of mediums focused on the print and digital sector, we cater to the exact needs of the brands we represent.

What we offer to our clients:

From voucher advertising to digital screens, wall murals, PUTCO bus branding and billboards, our advertising options create impactful brand marketing for our clients, establishing a footprint in the informal and unstructured environment of the South African consumer market.

As the largest distributor of prepaid mobile vouchers in South Africa, our unique access to the now sought-after informal market through Blue Label’s extensive distribution network is the backbone of our value offering.

  • 80 million vouchers distributed each month.
  • 1800 bused that travel over 90 million KMs each year
  • 8 screens broadcasting 24/7 no interruptions
  • Murals across all 9 provinces (high traffic areas, low cost, community upliftment for property owners and local sign writers)
  • Billboard at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital - 110 000 cars per day


We work closely with you to find the ideal media solution for your brand. We can create a custom solution based on any number of combinations to provide a tailored package that perfectly fits your needs, budget and brand strategy. For more about our specialised products and services, contact us for a consultation.

Our bulk, physical airtime voucher product is an exciting, effective method to drive brand recognition, promotions and sales. By using prepaid airtime vouchers as an advertising medium, we offer our clients the unique ability to move their brand to all corners in South Africa, reaching even the most remote parts of the market. Imagine the power of sharing your brand message on over 80 million voucher media ads each month. Our sliding scale rates provide you with incredible value where the cost lowers as the unit amount increases.

The extensive fleet of PUTCO buses travels across millions of kilometres each year. Most of their travel time is spent in densely populated areas and offer the benefit of captivated audiences. A PUTCO bus is one of the most popular public transport modes in South Africa, carrying over 70 million passengers a year. As commuters make their way to work, they are exposed to our bus branding, which acts as a moving billboard. It is commuter marketing and transit media at its boldest and best.

Our digital billboards occupy some of the most sought-after visual positionings in the country. With eight screens broadcasting 24 hours, your brand message is sure to make a larger than life impact on the millions of viewers it reaches. We offer short lead times for content uploads, giving you the flexibility to change your marketing material without undue delays. Our electronic billboards use eye-catching digital technology to provide the best in outdoor digital advertising in prime locations across South Africa.

The South African marketing landscape has unique challenges that call for imaginative solutions to reach the mass market. Our creative wall murals address the challenge of outdoor advertising in a powerful yet functional way. We regularly partner with local property owners and signwriters to create impactful advertising murals that communicate your brand message while uplifting the community. We have sourced and built hundreds of walls to accommodate our wall murals, even in areas where there is limited existing marketing infrastructure.

Our at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, Johannesburg is one of the most iconic billboard marketing spaces of its kind in South Africa. With an audience of over 110 000 cars passing this gargantuan outdoor billboard and thousands of taxi commuters (from the taxi rank in the area) exposed to this giant in commuter marketing, it is no wonder that it has become a highly recognisable landmark in the community. We have an extensive range of options to bring your brand message to life in this space.



We have served some of the most recognisable brands in the South African market. With an unrivalled ability to provide custom combinations to reach the right target market, our clients experience the immense value of brand exposure to the mass market at an affordable price.