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At a time of data explosion and a proliferation of data governance laws in South Africa, we provide simple, low-risk data intelligence and analytics that give our clients the competitive advantage they need to meet their business objectives. We are a founding member of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa, and with our deep and rich databases and aggregation approach, we are a leader in our field.

Our solutions encompass quality data lists (both consumer and commercial), data management and cleansing, data profiling and lead generation services.

Our services include campaign management (hot lead generation and bulk sms), location-based services (geo-spatial coding) and validation services, cell phone validation and ID number validation.

We offer 61 million unique cell numbers, 31 million identity numbers liked to full contact details, 1.8 million “right party contact” numbers that have been contacted in the last twelve months, and 1.7 million email addresses linked to contact numbers. Our sms volumes are rapidly increasing, and are up 17% to 563 million annually. In this time our lead generation has doubled to 2.2 million , with 1 million unique leads.





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