Blue Label Distribution


Blue Label Distribution is the largest distributor of prepaid e-tokens of value, with over 150,000 distribution points of representation nationally. We offer tailor-made and specialised solutions for various go-to-market environments.

Our distribution expands across all segments of the market and includes:

All Blue Label Distribution products and services can be enabled in a number of ways which include:

Products and Services

At Blue Label Distribution, we have grown to be the market leaders in the distribution of a variety of prepaid products as well as a number of transactional services across South Africa. Our world-class product and service offerings include:

Blue Label has a direct link to the mobile network operators' integrated network platforms, giving us the ability to offer a fixed denomination or direct top-up solution to our partners. Direct top-up, or Pinless, provides the ability to reload airtime directly to a mobile subscriber's account and allows customers a broader choice in the value of airtime they purchase.

Benefits of our Prepaid Airtime solution:

Blue Label Distribution provides the option of selling variable denomination airtime through POS terminals and integrations for Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom. This solution gives our merchants the ability to change the way they sell airtime, increase transactional volumes and offers flexibility on airtime denominations.

The size of the prepaid data market is estimated to be around the R1.45 billion per month of prepaid value top-ups and is projected to grow by an additional R47.7 million by the end of 2020. Consumer demand for data is rapidly increasing in the market as more and more South African consumers utilise online services. Whether the need is for small-screen data, connecting tablets and laptops, alternate devices or for broadband service in the home, Blue Label Distribution offers a wide range of data products from the major South African networks, Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom Mobile.

Prepaid electricity and water is the fastest growing electronic token category in South Africa. Since 2005 Blue Label has focused on the supply of these products through a single point of integration for channel partners for the distribution and supply of prepaid electricity services for both online and offline integrations.

As part of our value-added-services offering, Blue Label has provided consumer bill payment services introduced at retail point-of-service for 13 years. We have aggregator agreements with Pay@, SAPO and Syntell and process monthly bill payment transactions for approximately 275 different bill issuers including major local authorities, telecoms, utilities, medical services, traffic departments and mail order companies, to mention but a few. BLD currently processes 1 000 000 bill payment transactions per month. The offering includes the online and real-time validation of amounts to be paid and expiry dates of certain account types. We also provide our own BLU Bill Payments engine enabling us to accept bill payments from customers. We also enable cross border remittances for multiple money remitters, which forms part of the bill payments platform.

Today's challenge for wallet/store of value operators is – How do you get money (cash) into the system? With the launch of Blu Voucher, Blue Label effectively facilitates universal value distribution for external/3rd parties. This is key to meeting our objective of being payment agnostic, across any wallet or store of value, where the operator is looking for a mechanism to load value into their ecosystem, ultimately allowing any end consumer to purchase products and services.

Blue Label Telecoms' TicketPro, a ticketing company, allows us to offer ticketing rights to selected partners for a range of events, travel, transport, lifestyle and sporting events. The ticketing platform is one of South Africa's latest techno-savvy systems, and Ticketpro has the bragging rights to exclusive ticketing content. We currently provide ticketing across the following segments:

The current size of the ticketing market in South Africa is estimated to be R5 billion, of which R1.2 billion is generated via sports ticketing, R1 billion from event ticketing and R2.9 billion in transport and travel ticketing.

Airtime and/or data awards is the simplest way to reward loyal customers and employees with prepaid airtime and data, direct to their phones, 24/7 from your computer. Reward campaigns are managed via the web, e.g. Buy Sasko cake flour and SMS your number to 32335 and stand a chance to win airtime or data.

Features include:

Ithuba aims to re-invigorate the National Lottery through optimising the consumer experience, restorating faith and trust in the National Lottery and showcasing its positive social contribution to our society. While proudly rooted in South Africa, Ithuba's vision is to set the benchmark for lottery operations in SA and beyond.

Blue Label currently distributes the following Lotto games:

We supply and support devices that are fast, functional and easy to use. We believe in quality service and support, and our customers receive dedicated and specialised support nationally through a team of dedicated customer relationship consultants (CRCs) and technical support consultants (TSCs). CRCs are committed to fostering lasting customer relationships through a managed call cycle and are equipped to tend to our customer's every need. TSCs are skilled to ensure onsite support for device or technical-related queries and together with the CRCs, ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through their ability to resolve queries professionally and efficiently. Regional offices are located in Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane, Bloemfontein, and Port Elizabeth.

For product and service-related queries, please contact our call centre at 0800 014 942.
Our call centre is open seven days a week from 7 AM to 9 PM, and you can also reach us at [email protected].