Blue Label Data Solutions

Blue Label Data Solutions


Blue Label Data Solutions (BLDS) — A market leader in consumer data, big data, validation, verification, cleansing of data and lead generation in South Africa.

BLDS provides data-related and direct marketing solutions to companies across the globe looking to establish a footprint in Africa.

With a database of 55 million consumers and an opt-in database of over 28 million South African subscribers, we can provide an ongoing supply of leads and access to marketing databases and contact lists.

Our personalised digital marketing messages and other database-related services include SMS, lead generation, consumer data and call centres.

We are a trusted partner in data list management and cleaning, data profiling, lead generation and location-based marketing services and are compliant with the Protection of Public Information Act, the Consumer Protection Act and all relevant legislation.

What we offer to our clients:


We offer a variety of personalised digital marketing messages and other database-related services, across the full spectrum of LSM target markets, ensuring that your message finds the right audience, every time.

From SMS advertising and SMS marketing campaigns to bulk email marketing campaigns, automated voice messaging, geomarketing, field marketing and coupon and voucher booklets, we have the solution to help you reach your target market LSM quickly and cost-effectively.

If your business relies on warm leads, our proven B2B and consumer lead generation methodologies will provide you with sales leads directed at the correct target market LSM. From insurance leads and financial services leads to cellular leads, we generate quality leads to keep closing sales and improve your bottom line. Being a POPI compliant lead provider, you can rest assured that partnering with BLDS will keep you on the right side of the law.

We provide a wide range of data-related services to businesses hoping to break ground in the South African market:

We provide a variety of data fields at an exceptional standard of quality.

Whether you need support in your marketing efforts, a point of contact or an augmented offering for your call centre’s peak times, Blue Label Data Solutions’ inbound and outbound call centre is the solution you need.

Enjoy all the benefits of a call centre, including upping your conversion rate and improving customer confidence, without any of the hassle, when you use our call centre for hire.



Brands and businesses rely on Blue Label Data Solutions for a variety of data related services and distribution solutions. These are some of our recent clients:


We partner with companies across various industries to offer a comprehensive one-stop service to every person in our customer base.


Blue Label Data Solutions is affiliated to relevant bodies governing digital and eMarketing distribution and databases in South Africa to ensure compliance with all applicable legal restrictions.