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About Airvantage:

Our Prepaid Airtime Advance System offers Mobile Network Operators airtime, data and mobile money services: the ability to advance airtime, data or mobile money to subscribers. Through our experience , we have developed proprietary profiling and a dynamic rules engine that allows for flexible advancing, avoids revenue losses and ensures ongoing customer loyalty.


The team has been involved in all aspects of the cellular industry in Africa for over 20 years and have owned telco businesses in service provision, cellular rental, wasp and content services, prepaid and post-paid distribution.

Airvantage airtime advance service team has managed debtor books which comprised of asset classes including cellular micro-lending and other debt categories. These books are in excess of $1 billion.

We understand the challenges in todays market, and as the pre-eminent innovator of value added services, we continue to evolve. We are dedicated to developing and delivering the best, most innovative solutions that will grow our clients businesses, enhance their brands, and positively contribute to the total customer experience.

Airvantage has a strong balance sheet that will be able to support the growth of the Airtime Advance product. Our team has specialists with many years experience in micro-lending, consumer finance and cellular operations. We have a deep understanding of customer behaviour and can offer a tailor made solution to meet the requirements of your customer base.

Product Offering:

Prepaid Airtime Advance drives consumption, as subscribers can now use services when they need it the most. A customers “call opportunity is often lost due to the inability of customer to purchase airtime.

Prepaid Airtime Advance allows a customer to acquire airtime when it is needed and reduces the lost call opportunity. This in turn increases the customers ARPU and affinity to the network.

From our experience a large number of Prepaid Airtime Advance lending transactions occur in the early morning or late evening which provides a clear indication of a customers needs to lend airtime to generate a call when it is not easily accessible to purchase.

Airtime advance is the most convenient and effective way to distribute airtime and always stay connected.