We are a JSE-listed company that sells innovative technology for mobile commerce to emerging markets in South Africa and abroad.

Our users are rich, poor, urban and rural, and we allow them all to interact and transact on an equal footing. We reach them by using both physical and virtual distribution channels.

We target many of our services at people who do not have easy access to bank accounts, and we allow them the convenience of being able to transact where and when they want to. Our good reputation is our license to operate.

Target market focuses on unbanked or badly banked or rural customers in South Africa, India and Mexico with a total of 2 505 employees

To provide products and services required by the middle and lower tiers of the world’s economic pyramid. We focus on diversifying the range of products and services we offer while expanding our distribution footprint through organic and acquisitive growth.

To be the leading global distributor of secure fintech products and services within emerging markets.

Customer service orientation: Customers are our most important assets, and our function is to satisfy their expectations sustainably. We aim to create better value for all our customers, every day so we can create dignity in commodity.

Achievement and drive to succeed: We recognise and reward the achievement of goals and targets. We celebrate creative and exceptional deliverables. We’re committed to being better than we were yesterday by unearthing each individual's greatness to strengthen the entire team.

Honesty and integrity: By conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity in all interactions, we create trust, which is key to maintaining stakeholder relationships. Our ideal equation is to give more in use value than we ask in return, thereby improving the lives of people through every transaction.

Enjoyment: We believe in creating an enjoyable work environment in which we motivate and incentivise employees to be more productive and creative.

Collaboration: Consulting and working together as a team towards a common goal ensures that we can achieve our objectives, simultaneously developing sustainable value propositions for each stakeholder grouping.

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